Who Are We?



Eganics, Inc., the very first skin care store in the United States that stocks ONLY certified organic and (or) natural products, was registered and incorporated in March of 2019. We are a distributor and online retailer of skin care products that are certified organic and (or) natural by the following non-profit associations: USDA Organic (U.S.), Natrue (Belgium), BioGrow (New Zealand), and COSMOS: Australian Certified Organic (Australia), Cosmecert SASU (France), Ecocert Greenlife (France), ICEA (Italy), IONC (Germany), and Soil Association Certification (United Kingdom). 

Our mission is developed upon the goal of helping consumers gain convenient access to high quality and truly natural skin care products at the lowest possible prices. Our team is constantly working relentlessly to source and select these good products from around the world. We are authorized by the manufacturers to sell and distribute brands we carry, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that every product is genuine. 

How Eganics Come About?

Using naturally safe products is really important to our founder, especially the ones she gets for her five precious boys. After spending a considerable amount on products that have claimed to be natural and organic all these years, to her dismay, she finally discovered in February of 2019 that many are actually not safe or truly organic due to the way skin care products are regulated in the United States. It's during this entire process of her research, looking for good products, that she stumbled upon the idea of starting up a store that sells just THAT --- Only the ones that have gone through rigorous steps in getting their products verified for being authentically organic and (or) natural. 

During the brainstorming process for a name of the company, her eldest son suggested the name to start with letter E, as in Earth, and with all products being organic and (or) natural, "Eganics" was formed.

​*Please refer to our pages "Why Choose Certified?" and "Useful Articles" for more details*

 The Person Behind Eganics

Hi! My name is Lesley Tan, the founder of Eganics. Below are a few interesting, or maybe dull to some, facts about me:

  • I am outnumbered by male in my family. Know why? That's because I am a proud mother of 5 boys. So, including my husband, I am basically being surrounded by 6 of them!
  • I worked in the financial industry as a boring accountant for 5 years right after college, before becoming a stay-home-mom and an active investor.  
  • My husband travels on business 50% of the time and as you can possibly imagine, I try juggling everything there is for me to take care of on a daily basis. 
  • My interests lie mainly in dancing, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, driving, and eating.
  • I like things to be as natural as possible because I am very afraid of toxic ingredients, which have been proven to cause serious illnesses if we are exposed to them often enough.

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