Plant Therapy Organic Tea Tree Organic Hydrosol

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Distilled from the leaves and twigs of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, Plant Therapy Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol is USDA Certified Organic and bottled without any additional additives, ensuring a completely pure and natural product. With a traditional Tea Tree aroma, Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol is a great item to have on hand to help with minor scuffs and scrapes. After rinsing the area with soap and water, simply spray the area of concern. This gentle hydrosol also works well as a toner, especially for those who are prone to blemishes. Use during times of sinus concerns to help maintain clear and easy breathing.

Hydrosols are the aromatic remains following a plant’s steam distillation process. They consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-soluble compounds that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits. Use these gentle, delicately scented waters directly on the skin for individuals of all ages, spritz onto water-safe fabrics, or add to your favorite DIY body care formulations.

We recommend that all hydrosols be stored in the refrigerator from the time of purchase.


Spray directly on skin or use a cotton ball to apply to small areas of concern. May also use as a body or linen spray.

Hydrosols are often used in creating body products, room sprays and linen mists. They are also popular for use in other herbal preparations. They are an excellent complement to essential oils because they are gentle enough to be used directly on the skin and can be used on children and pets.

Hydrosols are distilled from the entire plant material, unlike essential oils which are often obtained from select parts of the plant. Therefore, hydrosols may smell quite different and distinct when comparing them to the essential oil of the same plant.

To prolong the shelf life, hydrosols should be stored in the refrigerator from the time of purchase.


Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Water*

*Certified Organic