Miessence (Australia)


MIESSENCE started when Co-Founders Narelle and Colin Chenery (husband and wife), and Alf Orpen met in 1999. Narelle was producing her own skin care range at the time, and just minutes into their first meeting, they had agreed to go into business with the objective of creating the world's first certified organic skin care range. Their products are Australian Certified Organic (ACO), and USDA Organic.

Narelle Chenery's mission: "My mission is to seek out the most pure, potent and beneficial ingredients in nature to create innovative, certified organic products that support vibrant health, total well-being, and natural beauty for our customers who absolutely love using our products!"

Alf Orpen's mission: "To be in business for the sake of business I personally think is not only a waste of time, but increasingly destructive to people’s health and the environment.  If however, we can make a difference, create something beneficial for people & the environment and overtime increase that benefit, then to be in business is something to be grateful for."