Earth Mama Lavender Hand Sanitizer 1.67 fl. oz.

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Formulated according to FDA guidelines, it’s 80% alcohol, free of methanol and 1-propanol, and contains glycerin to leave your hands less dry. When in doubt, bring both soap AND sanitizer. But if you’re on the go and soap-and-water-less, go ahead and spritz cruelty-free Earth Mama Hand Sanitizer generously on your hands, rubbing briskly until it’s evaporated.

Bonus: you’ll be left with a calming scent of lavender essential oil — welcome during a stressful Code Brown.

  • Hand sanitizer to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. For use when soap and water are not available
  • Alcohol antiseptic 80% alcohol
  • Free of methanol, 1-propanol, denatonium benzoate, silicone and propylene glycol

*Supervise children applying their own hand sanitizer*


Hand sanitizers are over-the-counter (OTC) products regulated by the FDA. And all ethanol alcohol used in hand sanitizers is required by the FDA to be denatured. So, what is denatured alcohol? Alcohol with additives to make it taste bad, rendering it undrinkable. (By the way, ethanol alcohol is not to be confused with isopropyl alcohol, which is already undrinkable.)

But. Not all denaturants are created equal. In fact, there are dozens of inexpensive, highly toxic denaturants — and the challenge for companies who want to be fully transparent is that the FDA doesn’t allow manufacturers to list alcohol denaturants in the ingredients. But we’ll go ahead and tell you what we used: lavender essential oil. You won’t see it on the label, because we’re following the FDA’s hand sanitizer guidelines, but … you will smell it. And it smells good.

For all of us ingredient readers, this can get tricky. Your best bet is to simply be aware and find a brand you can trust. Beware of marketing language: for instance, it might sound kid-friendly, but may still contain toxic ingredients.


Active Ingredient: Alcohol 80% v/v Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Purified Water USP