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Rikita Kapadia, the founder of Cocovít found her passion in creating a line of simple yet effective beauty regimen for a busy woman like herself. Inspired by her Indian heritage and the tradition of using coconut oil for over seven generations in her family, Cocovít was born. The coconuts used in Cocovít's products are harvested from an eco-reserve farm in South India, owned by them. A second farm was purchased to grow ingredients such as cane sugar and turmeric. Not only do these farms provide better opportunities for the local community in India, but also allows Cocovít to have better quality control over its ingredients. Most of the coconut oils on the market unfortunately utilize extraction processes, which eliminate the majority of the nutrients and enzymes, and/or are processed with heat, solvents, bleaches or perfumes. Cocovít developed a proprietary, heat-less process which produces a 100% pure, raw, organic coconut oil. 100% of the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, healing and restorative properties stay intact, making this the purest and most potent oil available. All Cocovít's products are made out of certified organic virgin coconut oil as its base and are USDA Organic and Fair Trade USA certified. 

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