More About Me

More About Me

Posted by Lesley Tan on Apr 30th 2019

This is my first time blogging on a public post. I would like to take this opportunity to further introduce myself on this new venture of mine.

If you asked those who know me well, let it be my parents, siblings, relatives, former-coworkers, or friends, they will pretty much describe me like these:

1) Perfectionist: I will never deny that I am one. After all, I am a typical Virgo. Even with just a picture that I wanted to pin up on my cubicle wall, I would ensure proper alignment is achieved. My former co-workers used to make fun of me (and I always take those as positive jokes about me) on how I keep my desk so neat and in perfect order. My home is usually in the same way as well, because I absolutely can't tolerate a disorganized room. Anyone who visited our home always ask me similar question: "How do you keep your home so tidy with all these boys around?" Actually, since my older boys knew how to walk, they somehow learnt to clean things up after they played with those items by just observing how obsessed their mom was to put things back. You are probably thinking to yourself, how lucky to not have a mom like me huh? Or do I sound more like an OCD patient to you?

2) Dislike boredom: I am just not the type who would just sit and do nothing. While sitting with nothing else to do, my head will start spinning, thinking and planning for things. This was one of the reasons I created Eganics.

3) Love natural and organic stuff: I will avoid taking any medications even when I am sick, unless the doctor says I absolutely MUST. I went through 5 natural childbirths with no epidural and ended with 2nd degree tear in four of them (the first one I had an episiotomy), and yet, I refused to take the prescribed pain killers. I feel that by taking pain killers, it will affect my babies when I breastfeed them, regardless of what the doctors have to say. Okay, you probably found another personality of mine -- stubbornness, and again, I won't disagree. LOL. My husband and I, together with our children, spent a couple of years living in Shanghai for his work purpose, and during our stay there, we bought imported, organic and high quality products whenever possible. After we moved back to the U.S., I continued to shop for mostly organic and natural items, especially those for our children. I always think that as long as they are produced or manufactured in the U.S., they are good. I used to believe in every labels I read... not until I found out the truth in February of this year as to how cosmetics/skin care products are being regulated in America. I absolutely could not believe what I discovered. I felt cheated in a way, because those lables say they are made of natural ingredients and organic (not certified by any agencies), and the stores I bought from were the so-called "organic," "natural" stores! I do not dye my hair or put on nail polishes, and my plan is to only dye it when I start to have grey hair, just so to minimize my exposure to color additives. I am in my early 40s, and so far (touch wood), I do not yet have one strand of grey hair. Have I dyed my hair before? Yes, but only twice in my entire life thus far, and those were back in the days before I had children. This clearly shows how much I prefer and love things to be natural.

4) Supermom: I am flattered to be called a "supermom," but I think anyone can do the same if they be as stubborn as me, as fastidious as I could be, and have an energetic mind that won't stop working.

I guess this should now give you a clearer idea of who I am, and please feel free to drop by any questions you may have.