Looking Good & Staying Healthy with Natural Alternatives

Posted by Lesley Tan on May 12th 2019

As mentioned in my previous blog, "More About Me," I am an organic/natural freak. Whenever possible, I try to stay away from things that are damaging to the health. The typical things that most women enjoy doing, such as polishing the nails, dying or highlighting the hair, or getting laser treatments are not something I am into. Even putting on make up on a daily basis is not usual for me. I personally feel that there should be a line drawn when we chase after beauty with the cost of one's health. Many of the chemicals present in these beauty products or treatments are probably okay to be in contact with every now and then, but if we exposed ourselves to it on a regular basis, it will most probably pose some risks and side effects. Genetic disorders, certain diseases and sicknesses are unfortunately not within our control, but there are other factors which we could take charge of, such as watching our lifestyle and habits. Our food choices, products selection, preferences of activities, all have effects on our health. Start paying attention to them and you will be grateful for the better well-being of yours.

This past weekend, I had to go meet with a wholesale client, and so, I put on some basic makeup to make myself more presentable. For this simple look as shown in the picture, all I used were organic concealer, foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick. I usually trim my eyebrows myself about once a week using an eyebrow razor, and at times, I get them threaded in a threading salon. It only took me less than 3 minutes to do this makeup. I know, I know. It could be quicker if I get used to doing it daily. I lack practice, in other words, but hey, it's still not too bad right?


My hair is black, or rather, in a very dark shade of brown. It's my natural hair color, and so far, at the age of 40 (going to be 41 in about four months), I am lucky to not have any grey hair just yet. Each of my hair cut appointment is usually pretty far apart too, maybe around 9 months or longer, since I do not have to deal with split end problems and I very much dislike spending time in hair salon, sniffing in the heavy chemical odor. Wonder how I keep my hair healthy, soft and natural? It's really simple and straightforward. I use organic Argan Oil to nourish, avoid using any products with chemicals, and hardly blow-dry my hair. Argan Oil is believed to be helpful in preventing grey hair, though I do not know how accurate the statement is, but based on my own self, it seems to be working.

Some of the products I use on my hair are: