Preventing Swimmer's Hair

Sep 10th 2019

My 2nd son has been a competitive swimmer for a good 3 years, and some parents wonder why he doesn't have the so-called swimmer's hair. Many of his team mates have it, so why not him? Even my friends' … read more
Do Facials Make a Difference?

Do Facials Make a Difference?

Posted by Lesley Tan on Jul 12th 2019

I haven't been going for facials for the longest time..... to be exact, it has been 6+ years. Why, you may ask? It's just because I have been busy having babies after moving back to the States in 2013 … read more

What's A Good Esthetician (In My Opinion)?

Posted by Lesley Tan on Jul 11th 2019

Having tried the skills of at least 50 different estheticians in three different countries, are you interested to know what is a good esthetician in my personal opinion? She will try to learn about m … read more
More About Me

More About Me

Posted by Lesley Tan on Apr 30th 2019

This is my first time blogging on a public post. I would like to take this opportunity to further introduce myself on this new venture of mine.If you asked those who know me well, let it be my parents … read more